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Autumn Colors and Towering Red Rock Cliffs and canyons

~Autumn in the Desert~

A 3 Day 4 Adventure in Zion National Park and its Stunning Surroundings!

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The place that made me uproot my life, my family, and my career to move to Utah and become a photographer...Southern Utah and it's mysterious canyons, alien like landscape, clash of seasons, mountains, and rivers completely changed my life. Wading through the Virgin river, the snap of fall in the air, towering sheer cliffs of Navajo sandstone to your left and right. You feel infinitely small in this moment, at the mercy of nature and all of her glory. The connection with the landscape never stronger than in those moments and I want you to join me for it! With 5 other students I will guide you through, over and around Zion, and its amazing hidden gems nearby! 

The group will be based out of  spacious and luxurious rented Condos where we will also hold our Classroom sessions 

Where: This workshop will be based out of Virgin & Washington, UT

When: October 30th-November 2nd, 2023

Limited to only 6 Students 

Total Cost: $2299.99 

Deposit: $900.00 @ Time of Booking



Teaching emphasis of this workshop will be:

  • Telling a story with your images

  • Creating Engaging and thought provoking compositions to enhance that story

  • Capturing the scene in a creative and imaginative way beyond a single exposure

  • Blue Hour Blending and Stacking 

  • Focus, Focal Length and Exposure Blending, Dodging & Burning, and more...

  • Color theory and application

  • In-depth post processing (recorded)

  • One-on-One image critiques

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Group, Terrain & Weather


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•1 Week ahead of the event we will have a "Pre-Workshop" Zoom class to discuss finalities, concepts, techniques and to get you familiar with the type of images we will be working on!


Evening Day 1: We will begin by meeting at a TBD location in Virgin, Utah at 1pm, Monday, October 30th. From there we will gather for a briefing chat a bit and strategize for the first evenings location, and goals! 

Morning Day 2: The Following morning we will rise bright and early long before the sun to adorn our wading gear, and shuttle into the park for a day of river fording amongst the Zion Narrows!

Evening Day 2: After a full day of wading and photography, the evening will be spent resting and feasting!

Day 3: Will take us to the parks less visited and HIGHLY underrated east side for its massive white sandstone mesas, bluffs and towers and a whole variety of autumn colors you dont get in the main canyon!

•Evening Day 3: will take us across the Valley to a wonderful spot outside of the park, a hidden gem amongst the redrock cliffs. Rolling hills of taffy like rock, swirls of colored sandstone intermixed with geometric formations.

Morning Day 4: The Final Sunrise... checkout is 10am, and the workshop commences

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Total Cost ~ $2299.99
Lodging Included

Howe to Get There

Best Airport: St. George, Utah is the closest, and there's also Las Vegas

Lodging Location: Will be shared closer to the event
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