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Join us
on an
EPIC Adventure!

The Lost Coast

A Forest & Seascape Workshop

June 1st-5th, 2022

Join me along the southern Oregon coast, and just over the border in the Coastal Redwoods of California for 4 nights and 5 days of photographing epic seascapes, and larger than life ancient trees shrouded in mist and covered in history.  


No Mans Land

A Utah Badlands Workshop

June 20th-24th, 2022

Join me along with the illustrious Jess Santos in the Utah Badlands! We will explore this geological enigma by day AND night! The badlands are anything but bad, especially in that glow desert light! We will take you around to some of our favorite locations, that are all sure to drop your jaw! 

Lodging included for 4 nights! 


Sierra Nights

A Night Photography masterclass
with Jessica Santos

June 28th-July 3rd, 2022

Join MissJessBess and I in the Eastern Sierra's one of the most incredible areas in California and a place I have spent more time exploring and photographing than anywhere else! From Snow capped peaks and cactus, to alien like formations under starlit skies. We will explore this area by night and day! 

Pedals & Peaks

An Alpine Wildflower backcountry 4x4 Workshop in Colorado with Jessica Santos

July 18th-21st & 23rd-26th, 2022

Join MissJessBess and myself in the SW corner of Colorado in the San Juan Mountains for a wildflower workshop like you've never experienced!We will convoy deep into the mountains by 4x4, camp and enjoy a true landscape photography experience! 

Clear lake Columbine Scree Sunrise Vertical copy 4x5 full.JPG
The Delivery Room Focus Stack Blue Hour copy 1960px.JPG

An Alien World

A New Mexico Badlands Backcountry 4x4 Workshop
with Jessica Santos

September 26th-October 1st, 2022

Join MissJessBess and I on the moon, or at least a place that looks and feels an awful lot like it! This amazing area of hoodoos, and other wild clay formations is one of my favorite and little known pockets left in the Southwest! Explore the nooks and crannies of this sacred ancestral land with us! Like the Pedals & Peaks workshop, this is a Backcountry, 4x4 experience!

with optional add-on days in Colorado for fall color


Drifting Through Death Valley

A Backcountry 4x4 Workshop
with Jessica Santos

October 22nd-27th, 2022

Join MissJessBess and myself for a unique Death Valley Experience. None of the roadside attractions on this one, only hard to reach, back country locations! No crowds, epic views, adventure and meals prepared by yours truly! These back country trips are so much fun! 

Augerberry Point Sunrise Copy 1920px.PNG
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