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Join Me
on an
EPIC Adventure!

All of these workshops are aimed at pushing your creativity to new heights. These are not "general photography" workshops, or photo tours. These are immersive and educational settings designed to expand your mind and push your limits! If this is you, then please, join me! 

~The Desert Bloom~

A Wildflower, Astro and Landscape Workshop

April 10th-13th, 2025

Join me in the Sonoran Desert for 3 nights of chasing the light, the rare desert flowers and the dark skies! Now every year may not be a super bloom, but there is ALWAYS flowers in the spring, and if you know where to look! Join me as we travel around the greater Pheonix area to some of my favorite wildflower hot spots! 

Camping makes this workshop very flexible, as Arizona is a big state, and there are so many amazingly diverse desert landscapes, we can truly maximize our ability to find, and capture the elusive blooms amongst the craggy volcanic mountains of this massive desert. 

Yellow Brick Road 1920px.png


Lodging Included

Limited To 5

~No Mans Land~

Dark Spire rainbow 1920px.png

An Astro & Landscape workshop


Lodging Included

May 5th - 8th, 2025

A classic workshop in the Utah badlands! My home away from home! Join me for 4 days of chasing the storms, the epic light and if were lucky, desert wildflowers amongst the beautifully barren landscapes of southeastern utah. A massive ocean delta many millions of years ago, left this wild place eroded, and scarred. Its geology, and stratification are what ,are this place stunning! With rolling badlands, epic mesas, and cliffside views as far as the eye can see, there will be no shortage of photographs to be taken! 

Limited to 5

Boot Arch Horizontal Sunset 1920px copy_edited.jpg

~Spring in the Sierra~

A Wildflower, Astro and Landscape Workshop

May 12th-15th, 2025

Spring in the Sierras amongst the towering peaks, and the boulder strewn foothills is such an awesome experience. The Alabama hills is legitimate photographers version of the NFL combine. It can teach you anything you want to know about landscape photography. It offers such a unique opportunity to roam and truly immerse yourself into the landscape and its rocky features.

Join me in my favorite place for 3 nights of epic landscape photography by day and night!  

The Cauldron 2.JPG


Lodging Included

Limited to 5


~Exploring the Gorge~

Exploring the Columbia River Gorges Waterfalls and Forests

$2599.99 Lodging Included

June 16th-19th, 2025

in 2017 I visited the Columbia River Gorge of the very first time. A few days later a massive manmade fire tore through over 50,000 acres of forest. Since then much of its popular trails have been officially closed, and any off trail visitation strictly prohibited. Well, all of that time has given the forest a chance to rejuvenate. The ashes to enrich the new growth and Its time to go back!


This time were getting off the beaten path for some truly unique and wondrous waterfalls with my very good friend, the extremely talented Michael Linquist. One of the most humble humans you will meet, and he's like a brother. I cant think of anyone better to guide us, and help our guests learn how to capture the best waterfall images possible! 

Lower Three Corner Falls copy.png

Limited to 5

~Petals & Peaks~

Clear lake Columbine Scree Sunrise Vertical copy 4x5 full 3.JPG

Limited to 5 

Wildflowers and mountains in Colorados High Country


July 14th-17th, 2025

Do you enjoy 4 wheeling or Overlanding? Camping under the stars? Photographing wildflowers high up in the mountains? 

Then this workshop is for you!  It embodies everything I love about being a landscape and nature photographer. Camping, falling asleep to babbling brooks and the distant howl of coyotes. Waking up to towering mountains right outside your tent and the freshest air you'll ever smell...

Join me on this 4x4 Expedition to Colorado's Alpine basins to photograph and time lapse the many meadows and valleys of wildflowers and rugged mountains! ​

*4x4 Vehicles are required but not included, click below for more details

An Over-Land Adventure! Camp under the Stars! 

Dead Tree Ridge Sunrise 1920px_edited.jpg

~Exploring Glacier~

A mountain and Wildflower Photography Workshop

$2899.99 Lodging Included

August 4th-7th, 2025

It's finally back! After 3 years this workshop is back!  Covid, Construction and excessive visitation has put glacier on ice for a few years but in 2024 its back. 

Join me for 3 nights and 4 days in the continents crown jewel! It truly is the most majestic place I have visited in the U.S. Its also always been the most popular workshop I have ever offered. 

The endless mountains surround you wherever you go. Ancient forests cover the hillsides where grizzlies roam, wildflowers grow in meadows in the mountain basins and mountain goats gallop around like a Disney film. 

The Reckoning By Joshua Snow 1200px.jpg

Limited to 5

~An Alien World~

The Delivery Room Focus Stack Blue Hour copy 1962.JPG

Join me in the New Mexico badlands!


Lodging Included

September 23rd - 26th, 2025

The title of this workshop understates how truly martian like this ancient landscape feels. The energy, the silence, the vastness of it. Its definitely a place unique to itself. Walk amongst fallen petrified trees that once stood next to dinosaurs. Meander through valleys of hoodoos, and formations like you've never seen. This are changes almost daily. The wind, snow and rain are constantly reshaping this landscape. Join me on this 4 day adventure in this landscape photography playground with 5 other students for a backcountry EXPEREINCE!

Limited to 5

An Over-Land Adventure! Camp under the Stars! 

IMG_9319 2.JPG

~Fall Color in the NorthEast Series~

Some of you may know that I grew up in the Northeast. I cut my teeth on the waterfalls of New York and Pennsylvania. Ive often wondered how these places have changed since the last time I saw any of them in 2015 during my very first workshop ever. A moment that completely changed my life. It's about time to head back and explore my roots. Will you join me? I am offering 3 different workshops while in the NE beginning with 2 waterfall focused workshops. Two days and nights each these workshops will focus on 2 main areas that are overflowing with waterfalls. The first of which will be held in Ricketts Glen state park, in rural NE Pennsylvania. The second of which will be based in Ithaca and will visit various waterfalls surrounding Cayuga and Seneca Lakes. 

A third workshop to Round out the Fall Color in the Northeast Series is the Iconic Acadia national Park and its surrounding hidden gems. This workshop is 3 Days and Nights and all 3 of these workshops include lodging! 

I Hope you'll Join me! 

• Ricketts Glenn State Park

$2099.99 Lodging Included

October 8th - 10th, 2025

Limited to 4

Backside Wide Horizontal Swirl copy.JPG

• Waterfalls of the Finger Lakes
New York

$2099.99 Lodging Included

October 12th - 14th, 2025

Limited to 4

IMG_9317 2.JPG

• Acadia National Park & Baxter State Park, Maine

$2799.99 Lodging Included

October 16th - 19th, 2025

Limited to 5

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