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A Death Valley BackCountry 4x4 Workshop Itinerary

~Drift Through Death Valley~

a 3 Day Back Country 4x4 Experience through the Most Remote Parts of Death Valley!

Augerberry Point Sunrise Copy 1922.PNG


Certainly Death Valley isn't a new place and has been photographed by many, for many years, but most people never see most of the park. Because most of it takes hours to reach on rough mining roads. This workshop takes you there! On a 4x4 Backcountry experience you will not forget!! We will Convoy through the back roads and valleys of the park to explore untouched, pristine salt pans, massive mud crack playas, vast forests of Joshua Trees, and some of the tallest sand dunes around! We will camp nearby our locations for maximum field time. Moving each day to our next camp. We will be mostly off grid for that time. Cell service will waiver, you may just have to disconnect, and reconnect with the nature around us! 

Since we will be camping and a 4x4 vehicle is required, what better way than to rent an overland vehicle! You can sleep on or in them, but if you prefer old school camping, you can do that too! You can rent an overloading or suitable 4x4 vehicle from places like Which I recommend over Enterprise or the like. Las Vegas is the nearest International airport and there are plenty of options for vehicles there! 

Where: Death Valley National Park

When: February 8th-11th, 2024

Cost $2299.99 

Limited to only 5 Students 

Saline Valleey vertical JTree Stars copy 1921.PNG


Teaching emphasis of this workshop will be:

  • Telling a story with your images

  • Creating Engaging and thought provoking compositions to enhance that story

  • Capturing the scene in a creative and imaginative way beyond a single exposure

  • Blue Hour Blending and Stacking 

  • Focus, Focal Length and Exposure Blending, Dodging & Burning, and more...

  • Color theory and application

  • In-depth post processing (recorded)

  • One-on-One image critiques

Group, Terrain & Weather

Eureka Dune Mudcrack Blend copy 1920px.png
Sandstorm Re-Process 2.JPG
Mud Crack Sunset copy 2.JPG
Mud Crack Verticle Twilight Blue Hour copy 2.JPG
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