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~Exploring The Olympic Coast~

A 4 Day Rainforest & Seascape Photography Retreat in olympic National Park 

Queets Roadside Moss Forest 1200px.png

Mission & Agenda

The Olympic coast, a place that just feels ancient, forgotten, and left to flourish. Although its no secret, its not hard to find yourself in a forest surrounded by nothing but the echoing sounds of birds, and insects. Or along the rubbly coast playing tag with the tide. I have longed to return to this area since I first explored it several years ago and I couldn't think of a better way to enjoy This place again, and further that exploration with a small group, at a slow pace, immersed fully in the endeavor to make more articulated, higher quality imagery. 

The group will be based out of a quaint and cozy condo where we will also hold our Classroom sessions. I find this to be a great way to promote camaraderie, friendship and foster inspiration while on these tireless trips! 

Where: This workshop will be based out of Forks, Washington

When: June 5th-8th, 2024 (3 nights)

Limited to only 5 Students

Total Cost: $2399.99 

Deposit: $900.00 @ Time of Booking

Lodging Included


Vision & Focus

Capturing the Thunderous Power of the Sea and also it's Tranquility and Exploring the Enchanted rainforests

This trip is aimed at discovering the beauty of this vast- temperate region and its coastlines

Our focus will be:

  • Discovering Composition, Learning how to master visual flow when there is so much visual chaos

  • Creating and crafting a visual narrative, Telling a story with your image

  • Choosing the most engaging and thought provoking compositions to enhance that story

  • Learning what technique or process best captures those elements

  • Capturing Blue Hour images for Blending, for the BEST Astro Results

  • Stacking images for focus, How, When, and Why!

  • Focal Length Blending, Creative, Innovative, and Restorative techniques using wide angle lenses

  • When and How to Properly Bracket and Exposure Blend

  • How to put it all together in Adobe Lightroom, Helicon Focus, Starry landscape Stacker and Adobe Photoshop

  • Various Techniques for Dodging & Burning, and Shaping the Light 

  • Color theory and its Immense power in Post Processing

~In-depth post processing
Entirely Screen recorded
~One-on-One image critiques
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Group, Terrain & Weather

Cool Am
Warm PM

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•1 Week ahead of the event we will have a "Pre-Workshop" Zoom class to discuss finalities, concepts, techniques and to get you familiar with the type of images we will be working on!


Evening Day 1: We will begin this trip on Thursday June 1st, at 4pm at our Lodging. From there you will check-in to your respective rooms and we will gather again for a briefing, chat a bit and strategize for the first evenings shooting. This crash course approach lets me gauge your varying skill and level of understanding of photography principals and fundamentals. We will capture sunset and maybe even a few stars. 

Morning Day 2: The Following morning,  we will rise bright and early for that mornings sunrise location. Which could be decided that morning based on weather, clouds, conditions in general. After capturing Sunrise we will make our way back into town. Students are welcome to lag behind and explore until the classroom session.


Classroom Session from 1-4pm

-Late Lunch/Early Dinner

Evening Day 2: Reconvene at 5pm, Briefing, Head out for Sunset Location, again TBD.

Day 3:  Will follow the above Itinerary

Morning Day 4: The Final Sunrise, will follow the above Itinerary, followed by a group Breakfast!

-End - Checkout Time (10/11am)

Ruby Beach Arch Twilight copy.png

Included: 3 Nights of Single Occupancy Lodging in a large airbnb

Total Cost ~ $2399.99

Howe to Get There

Best Airport: Seattle-Tacoma International

Lodging Location: Will be shared closer to the event
Samuel H Boardman Sea Stack Milky Way copy v2.JPG
Symbiosis Horizontal fern FG copy.JPG
Natural Bridge Sunset 1920px.JPG
Parasite 1961.JPG
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