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A Night Photography MasterClass Itinerary

~Sierra Nights~

A 5 Night, 6 Day adventure Along the Eastern Sierra Mountains, Lakes and Valleys. By Day and By Night

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The Eastern Sierras is certainly no hidden gem. I mean how could you keep such majesty a secret? This area has long been photographed, explored and recreated in. Master painters like Albert Beirdstadt or Thomas Hill were creating paintings deep in its wilderness more than a century ago and it still beckons artists from all over the world. Ansel Adams truly put this place on the map during his day and you'll find his work in almost every shop or cafe in the small towns surrounding these epic mountains. Join Jessica Santos and myself for a Night photography Masterclass, exploring our favorite locations by day and by night! From martian like sand formations to giant, snow capped mountains, gardens of cacti and fields of boulders reminiscent of the ancient skeletons of fallen giants, there is no shortage of amazing things to photograph! Your mind can truly run wild here!  

Where: This workshop will be based out of Lone Pine & Mammoth, California

When: June 28th-July 3rd, 2022 (5 nights)

Limited to only 8 Students ( 4:1 Student:Teacher ) 



Teaching emphasis of this workshop will be:

  • Telling a story with your images

  • Creating Engaging and thought provoking compositions to enhance that story

  • Capturing the scene in a creative and imaginative way beyond a single exposure

  • Blue Hour Blending, Stacking, and Tracking

  • Focus, Focal Length and Exposure Blending, Dodging & Burning, and more...

  • Color theory and application

  • In-depth post processing (recorded)

  • One-on-One image critiques

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Group, Terrain & Weather


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Evening Day 1: We will begin this trip on Tuesday, June 28th, at 4pm at our lodging. From there we will check-in to your respective rooms and we will gather again for a briefing, chat a bit and strategize for the first evenings shooting. This crash course approach lets me gauge your varying skill and level of understanding of photography principals and fundamentals. We will capture sunset and stars. 

Morning Day 2: The Following morning, we will rise bright and early for that mornings sunrise location. Which could be decided that morning based on weather, clouds, conditions in general. After capturing Sunrise we will make our way back into town. Students are welcome to lag behind and explore until the classroom session.


Classroom Session from 1-4pm

-Late Lunch/Early Dinner


Evening Day 2: Reconvene at 5pm, Briefing, Head out for Sunset Location, again TBD.

Day 3: Will follow the above Itinerary

Morning Day 4: Will Follow Day 2 & 3 Itineraries

-Checkout of Lodging

-Move to next Lodging

Evening Day 4: Meet at lodging at 4pm (check-in) From there we will check-in to your respective rooms and we will gather again for a briefing, chat a bit and strategize for the first evenings shooting.

Day 5: Will follow the above Itinerary

Morning Day 6: The Final Sunrise, following the above Itinerary, followed by a group Breakfast!

-End - Checkout Time (10/11am)

Included: 5 Nights of Single Occupancy Lodging in a large airbnb & Motel

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Total Cost ~ $3099.99
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