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Here you will find Tutorials and Webinars

Shaping light

This tutorial is entirely about the psychology and theory regarding how humans view art. Shaping light is an In-Depth course that illustrates many different dodging techniques for both color and Light and emphasizes how creating a "visual Path' can make for better images

This popular Tutorial contains:

•5 Chapters

  (Over 85 minutes of Education Content)

•Practice Files


What Others are Saying

"Josh's "Shaping Light" tutorial completely changed the way I see both in the field, and in post processing! The depth and detail Josh dives into is incredible and I could not be happier with the results I am seeing now!! My work has reached a level I never thought it could!" ~ John


This "Start-to-Finish" style tutorial showcases the entire workflow from RAW development through the  most delicate of finishing touches. This tutorial shows the first time edit of this image, with all of the mistakes, decisions, and thoughts that go into real time  

This Tutorial contains:

•  3 hours, 32 minutes and 45 seconds of video
 Total File Size: 1g


Night Photography Off the Deep End 
~ Parts 1 & 2 ~

Topics include:

How and when to capture Blue hour frames
Stacking for Noise reduction
Blending images
Creating Star Haze
Dodging and Burning
And more...

Banner copy_edited.jpg

This in-depth, two-part, tag-team webinar discusses all of our favorite techniques in capturing the night sky, from composition, settings, theory, and execution! Part 1 is all the technical goodies, and part 2 contains the live edits where we each work through an image using our own workflows!

Part 1: Jess and I deep dive into the theory, and techniques along with some friendly banter

Part 2: Jess and I each process an image using our most used and favorite techniques! 

Near-Far Composition

Banner 1080px.jpg

This 2+ hour webinar will encompass the facets involved in capturing extreme-near-far compositions. Maximizing and exploiting the distortion benefits of your wide angle lens, focus stacking, perspective and focal length blending and more! Hopefully leaving you a little more open minded and understanding of what is possible through creativity and a wide angle lens!

If you would like to purchase the recorded session click below!


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