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A New Mexico Badlands BackCountry 4x4 Workshop Itinerary

~An Alien World~

A 3 Night, 4 Day, 4x4 adventure Deep into the Wild and Remote Badlands of New Mexico and its Otherworldly Landscape

Living in Lightning By Joshua Snow 1961.JPG


The title of this workshop understates how truly martian like this ancient landscape feels. The energy, the silence, the vastness of it. Its definitely a place unique to itself. Walk amongst fallen petrified trees that once stood next to dinosaurs. Meander through valleys of hoodoos, and formations like you've never seen. This are changes almost daily. The wind, snow and rain are constantly reshaping this landscape. Join me on this 5 day adventure in this landscape photography playground with 5 other students for a backcountry EXPEREINCE!

We are helping attendees source capable and equipped vehicles if they do not own their own. We will be camping the entire workshop. You can camp however you'd like, in a tent, in your truck or suv, your rooftop tent, or just divvy up under the stars, your choice! If you would like help finding a suitable vehicle, please let us know. High clearance and AWD, or 4x4 reccomended

Lodging: Camping


Where: This workshop will be based out of Farmington, New Mexico

When: September 30th-October 3rd, 2024 (4 nights)

Limited to only 6 Students 

Total Cost: $2199.99 

Deposit: $900.00 @ Time of Booking

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Teaching emphasis of this workshop will be:

  • Telling a story with your images

  • Creating Engaging and thought provoking compositions to enhance that story

  • Capturing the scene in a creative and imaginative way beyond a single exposure

  • Blue Hour Blending and Stacking 

  • Focus, Focal Length and Exposure Blending, Dodging & Burning, and more...

  • Color theory and application

  • In-depth post processing (recorded)

  • One-on-One image critiques

The Delivery Room Focus Stack Blue Hour copy 1961.JPG
Above Ah Shi Sunset.png

Group, Terrain & Weather


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•1 Week ahead of the event we will have a "Pre-Workshop" Zoom class to discuss finalities, concepts, techniques and to get you familiar with the type of images we will be working on!


Evening Day 1: We will begin by meeting at a TBD location in Farmington, New Mexico Wednesday, September 30th at 12pm. From there we will gather for a briefing, a 4x4 discussion, chat a bit and strategize for the first evenings location, arriving very early to ensure time to travel for varying driving experience levels and to assess the overnight camping situation. Once we have setup camp and situated ourselves for the night we will then set out to capture the sunset and stars. 

Morning Day 2: The Following morning we will rise bright and early for that mornings sunrise. After capturing Sunrise, yours truly will prepare camp breakfast. It is possible we could break camp and move at any time, daily. 

Evening Day 2: Will follow the previous evenings itinerary.

Day 3: Will follow the above Itinerary

Morning Day 4: The Final Sunrise, following the above Itinerary

- End at 10am, after breaking camp. 

For those of you that are coming along for the optional, additional days chasing fall color in Colorado, you will follow a slightly different itinerary that morning. 

Howe to Get There

Best Airport: Durango, Colorado

Where to Find a 4x4 Overlanding Vehicle? Try: 
Brontasaurus Scallop Sunset Stack copy 1960px.JPG
Living in Lightning By Joshua Snow 1960px.JPG
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