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My Top 20 Favorite Images of 2017

2017 was a year I will never forget, and one that will set the bar for the future! I was able to travel and see so much, make friendships and bonds, and experience some incredible things!

Here is a rundown of some of my favorite images of 2017, complete with the memories made!

Please Enjoy!

Mud Crack Sunrise copy

Nikon D810 | Nikon 14-24 | ƒ/11 (x4 for focus) | ISO100 | 14 & 24mm | 1/3rd & 1/20th seconds

•Poseidon’s Tomb•

Taken during a sunrise in Death Valley while scouting with my good friends Jesse and Duane. Jesse knows Death Valley like the back of his hand, he told us how to get here the night before since he wouldn’t be in until late. We hiked out on the playa looking across at the distant mountains that seemed to never get closer, soon we realized we had gone too far beyond where the massive cracks are and managed to find them just as the sun was setting. Before it was completely dark I managed to find the awesome crack and dropped a pin on my GPS so that I could find it for sunrise!

Tree in Hole Sunset copy

Nikon D810 | Nikon 14-24 | ƒ/11 | ISO100 | 14mm | 1/1000th seconds


This image was taken while on a long weekend in Escalante with my girlfriend, adventure pup, and great friend Jesse. We Had hiked to reflection Canyon the day before, we were exhausted and sore but didn’t want to just head home so we stuck around GSENM for a few more days and hiked Spooky and peek-a-boo slot canyons the next day and then camped near dance hall rock so we could shoot the milky way over one of these awesome pot holes, and gnarly cottonwoods. While wandering around on this giant rock we stumbled across a crazy aussie looking for the same thing we were! We got to talking and hit it off and continued the search for just the right tree, in just the right hole! We managed to get an LED panel down in the hole, and that was an adventure all in itself! The next morning we went back up for sunrise and I managed to make this image. The colors weren’t very exciting and I almost binned this image but just when I was about to give up I quickly converted it to B&W and saw its potential in a whole new way!

Lake Blanche Vertical Comp Two copy

Nikon D810 | Nikon 14-24 | ƒ/8 (x3 for focus) | ISO200 | 14mm | 1 second


What can I say about this image. This is Sundial Peak, carved by glaciers high in the Wasatch Mountains outside of Salt lake City. This hike was intense, grueling and extremely challenging. At 10,320ft, a 10.5 mile round trip hike with 4,300ft of elevation gain its by far the most challenging hike I have ever done, especially with nearly 70lbs of gear on my back. Lacey, Myself and the dog geared up in hopes wed find some wildflowers dotting the lake shore, but we were surprised to see that nearly no flowers exist up there at all at least close to the lake because of how trodden the lakeshore is by visitors. We setup camp along the lake, Lacey quickly passed out while I shot away as the Milky Way rose above the peak. I woke early for sunrise and was happy to see some nice clouds forming. Once the sun broke it casted beautiful, warm light on the tips of the peak.

Horseshoe Bend Sunset copy

Nikon D810 | Nikon 14-24 | ƒ/11 | ISO100 | 16mm | 1/5th & 1/20th seconds


Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona is truly a cool place. The view is astonishing but not quite as astonishing as the abundance of people there to watch the sunset. It’s no surprise though! On my very first visit to this famed location I was greeted with one hell of a sunset! I was shocked at the amount of people there, and how little space there was to squeeze in and get a shot. Not being the type of guy that just settles for whatever is easy I found a gap between a couple of other photographers. Not just a spacial gap but a literal massive gap in the rock, so I splayed my insanely tall tripod out across the gap and then summoned my best Jean Claude Van Dam and did a nearly full split across the sandstone. This Gap just so happened to be positioned in the near center of the ben allowing a full view of the entry and exit point of the river in the scene. We ooh’ed and awed as the sun got lower and light got better and better!


Nikon D810 | Nikon 14-24 | ƒ/14 | ISO100 | 14mm | 1/4 second


During our 8 day trip to Oregon in June we decided after a few days of shooting the Gorge that we would head north to Mount St. Helens. I mean, how cool is this place! A volcano!?!?! We sat, all by ourselves, 35º in the bleachers of the overlook and watched this beautiful sunset pass through, and a halo of clouds form around the crater. I felt that I wanted to showcase the destruction of the day that the mountain blew its top, and the lush greenery.

Swiss Cheese Falls Vertical copy

Nikon D810 | Nikon 14-24 | ƒ/16 | ISO64 | 14mm | 1 & 20 seconds


This amazing set of falls have become somewhat Iconic amongst photographers in the southwest and in Utah. Known loosely as “Swiss Cheese falls”, is as stunning as it is challenging to get to. With a huge and very steep descent into a massive canyon, you wonder how in the world people stumbled across places like this. Once down in the canyon we were greeted by deep yellows and reds adorning all of the trees, vines and foliage in the canyon, and just the right amount of water to make this scene possible! The beautiful Reds of the canyon walls were complimented so well by the yellow cottonwoods.

Maroon Bells Epic Sunset copy