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Join me
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EPIC Adventure!


Living in Lightning By Joshua Snow 1962.JPG

~An Alien World~

Join me in the New Mexico badlands!


September 28th-October 1st, 2023

The title of this workshop understates how truly martian like this ancient landscape feels. The energy, the silence, the vastness of it. Its definitely a place unique to itself. Walk amongst fallen petrified trees that once stood next to dinosaurs. Meander through valleys of hoodoos, and formations like you've never seen. This are changes almost daily. The wind, snow and rain are constantly reshaping this landscape. Join me on this 4 day adventure in this landscape photography playground with 5 other students for a backcountry EXPEREINCE!

2 Spots Remain

The Delivery Room Focus Stack Blue Hour copy 1962.JPG

An Over-Land Adventure! Camp under the Stars! 

Red Aspen Leaves Mosaic copy 1960px.JPG

~Colorful Colorado~

Box Factory Park October Sunrise copy 1961.JPG

Autumn in the San Juan Mountain Basin

$2249.99 *Lodging Included

October 1st-5th, 2023

Every Year I say that I want to make alternate plans for fall, but I just CANT stay away from the San Juan Mountain region of Colorado. There is just no place like it to view stunning autumn colors in every direction for miles and miles and miles, all back dropped by massive mountains. It just does not get better. Join me for a few days of cruising around the old mining roads in search of stunning autumn scenes, old mines, and maybe even a snowball fight if we get really lucky! 

Snow Canyon Overlook Hike copy 1960px.JPG

Autumn in the Desert

Autumn in Zion N.P. & its
Stunning Surroundings!

$2299.99 *Lodging Included

October 30th-November 2nd, 2023

Collision of Gold, Reds, Blues and Desert landscape is something that occurs only in the Southwest, and one of the most incredible places to witness it in all of its glory is Zion National Park and the amazing hidden gems nearby! Wade rivers, stroll through canyons, wander over and around the most curious geology in the world. 

Join me this Autumn in the Desert!

_DSC2726 copy.jpg
Bayou on Fire.png

Bayou on Fire

Caddo Lake Image 2 1920px copy.png

a BRAND NEW workshop in the East Texas Swamps

$2599.99 *Lodging & Watercraft Included

November 6th-9th, 2023

What can I say about the eerie, ghostly beauty of the bayou that photos cant? EVERYTHING! I was truly mesmerized by its stunning colors, and incredible serenity while paddling around this marshy forest of ancient cypress. Join me for an immersive (literally) workshop where we will get up close and personal to the swamp by watercraft, and wading gear! I cannot wait to return and show you all around! We have waterfront access to Caddo Lake! 

Limited to ONLY 4

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